1. Who Are We?
    We are Canadians that have been involved in the cannabis culture for many years. We want to share our passion with other Canadians, and we hope to grow as a community together!
  2. What Do You Use For Pictures?
    We use a Nikon camera with a photography light box we built ourselves. For the images we keep them raw, except for a slight brightness increase as our camera is a little older. All the images are taken and owned by Green Quality.
  3. Who Writes Your Reviews?
    We are a small group of cannabis enthusiasts from Saskatchewan. Its amazing to have come even closer together with our passion for Cannabis and its outstanding benefits.
  4. When Is Canadian Legalization Happening?
    The Canadian Government has said that it "will" be moving forward with legalization by spring of 2018 and we could not be anymore excited! Every province has announced their plans, and it is coming along!
  5. How Do You Obtain The Cannabis?
    We get all of our cannabis from various Canadian Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) sites. There is more every day and every one of them has different strains on each! We will not be listing the site individually with each strain, but we will always let you know if you ask!
  6. What Makes Us Qualified?
    Nothing really! What makes us qualified is just our years of experience and passion for each unique strain. We have just never put the information out to share with others, but to finally start this is a very exciting time!