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Mullumbimby Madness
Written Review
We had the amazing opportunity to try Mullumbimby Madness, most consider it a "myth" in the world! Whether it is an unknown strain, this batch has a very sharp piney and fruity aroma with a light creamy smoke. The impact is great too as it has a very good balance between indica and sativa. Mullumbimby Madness flowers are shaped lean and stalky. We can make the assumption it was a tall plant by the way the buds formed! Honestly, here at Green Quality, we want to know the secret to getting these seeds!

Quick Review


Creamy Smoke/Light Campfire Taste

Body Numb/clear headed

This strain is essentially a Sativa dominant, but its lineage traces back to a landrace in Thailand. It has an uncommon flavour really only described from actually trying it for yourself! Pick-up Mullumbimby Madness in a store! We suggest you get some to try it for yourself next time you see it.