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Pink Lady
Written Review
We could not believe the beauty in this hull! Pink Lady has a very potent and harsh hit to your throat, but the quick effects are well worth it! Paying close attention to the crazy hairs on this strain; they are a vibrant orange that actually looked a light pink in person. Pink Lady was such a colourful strain, its a wonder to why it's not more popular here! Unfortunately, this strain has an unknown lineage, but it certainly can be traced back to the west coast and specifically British Columbia, making this strain a true Canadian bud! 
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Did You Know?
This strain is not to be confused with Pink Kush, both strains are unique as Pink Lady is a home grown British Columbia strain! 
Pink Kush Review 
A 60% Sativa leaving 40% Indica The couch lock may take control with this strain, but your mind will not stop rolling! This is a strain for people looking to chill out with a huge grin on your face and not a worry in the world!